Friday, January 25, 2008


...... is one of my favorite expressions. Comes in quite handy when you're talking with someone who has an uncanny ability to unwittingly destroy items, especially items of a considerable heft and importance. A Brise-fer, roughly translated, is a person capable of breaking iron. Early on in our relationship, I bestowed this lovely moniker on my ever-loving (to-be) spouse as the electricity that she personally generated seemed to inexplicably blow up, first, my amplifier, second, my receiver and, third, my turntable. She had your classic (I know I'll be hearing about this shortly) female incompatibility with stereo equipment. No, it wasn't misuse on her part; she was extremely careful as to which buttons, dials, doo-dads to push, turn, or combobulate (if you can discombobulate then you can ....). Her electric personality just was not in synch with equipment made by mere mortal men.

She was/is a good sport about the Brise-feriness of her aura. She was even agreeable in my purchasing of slightly better (read that as "more expensive") equipment to replace the non-operative stuff she had her way with. It's been a long time since any circuits have been blown. I've taken that as indication that our two personalities have co-mingled such that we are exuding neutral energy.

Alas, that has changed recently. It now seems that it is time for me to bear the title of our house's Brise-fer. Two PC's have gone south recently and even a replacement (which is currently caught in the limbo of "Pickup by Seller" land) has refused to operate within my general vicinity. I'm seriously thinking of going this route for my personal computer needs.

I post this now as I am scheduled to do a dj-ing shift the next two Sundays, Jan. 27 and Feb. 3 at WVUD doing The Morning After show from 9:00 until 12:00. In addition, I'll be sitting in for a friend and doing his Friday Jazz gig at the station for 4 weeks starting in February. That is a lot of me being at the station; I'm hoping my Brise-feriness is in abeyance during my proximity to Very Expensive Sounds Studio Equipment. I've not made plans to shell out my retirement funds to replace sound boards, microphones, etc.


That neat little red pad is quite fetching!

I suppose it's "etching" to get a foothold in the marketplace as we speak...

How just how green is graphite these days?
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