Monday, December 03, 2007

Our Gang....Runs for Office

In the part of Delaware, south of the C & D Canal, known as "Slower Delaware" there are still opportunities for days of the past to come up in the present. While I am a strong admirer and a fan of nicknames, I wonder sometimes as to the self-advertisement of one's nickname in certain situations.

Say, oh, election time.

An election for a state representative slot is happening this Saturday. One of the candidates is William "Lumpy" Carson, running on the Democratic plank. He seems to be the favored candidate. I'm not sure if William Steig or the writers of Our Gang were involved with his election committee, but "Lumpy" comes straight out of those fecund and "unique" names locations. However, if he is favored, Mr. Carson's Republican opponent, a Ms. Christine Malec, should consider picking up a memorable nickname. And quick! Only 4 days until election day.


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