Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Sulk of the Spinkster

Reading to my kids, especially when they were still in awe of the mighty deeds and abilities of their parents, was a very enjoyable pastime. Aside from having the kids curl up in one's arms with the freshness of a bath and the heat generated by the furnaces their compact bodies providing warmth for all three of us as we endured the cold of Brave Irene's world, the reading experience opened up new vistas and new authors to Dad, the reader. (n.b.: This last sentence is in the Word Shoppe undergoing extensive bodywork and replacement of hanging/clinging phrases and draining of the verborrhea. It will shortly be replaced with a snappy and energetic sentence or sentences. Even C. Dickens rolled in his grave when he took a gander at that pile of words. Thanks for your patience.)

Among the children's books authors that I particularly latched onto then and still read to myself now are William Steig, Arnold Lobel, and Russell Hoban.

What brought up this topic? Well, the Jewish Museum in NYC is holding an exhibition of William Steig's work from November 4th through March 16, 2008. For those not able to make it to the Big City for the exhibit this book seems to be an excellent 2nd place prize. Go here and click on Meryl Streep reading my favorite of all his books, Spinky Sulks.
"You were positively right, Spinky. Philadelphia is the capital of Belgium." Yeah!
Perfect match of image and word.
"What a family! First, they ruin his life. Then, they expect him to watch a parade."

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