Monday, November 12, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving Music

I'll have at least two more shows at WVUD before December 31st rolls around and puts the closer on this year. One is slotted for this coming Sunday, the 18th. It's an odd November this year what with Thanksgiving coming so early in the month. One of our family traditions is to break out Christmas related music and movies only after the Thanksgiving meal has been finished. When dealing with the expanse of pots,pans, porcelain and glass ware, and the Gordian Knot riddle of how to pack up the Food Remains of the Day, it's always relaxing to play some of favorite Christmas tunes. But this year, it just doesn't seem right.
The Canadian Thanksgiving, the second Monday in October always seemed to me the more logical time of year for celebration of Harvest. I mean, who the heck is harvesting in November in the States? And what is it with the 4th Thursday or the 3rd Monday or the 2nd Monday in Canada? It's a bit like Easter, which wanders from March to April and back again. I remember, painfully, the questions I posed to nuns in successive grade of grammar school (I was a slow learner) inquiring as to why the rising of the Lord happened on different Fridays each year. A light swish of the switch along with a nunnism such as "Bold as brass and twice as brazen" was the annual response to my annual inquiry. Adults holding to their sanity by mumbling in rote was my experience as a school kid. The same behaviour applied to inquiries of the moveable feast of Thanksgiving. As a kid, you needed definity. December 25th. July 4th. Your birthday (except, of course, if you were cursedly born on Feb 29th; your life of frustration and delayed celebration was set early into motion). This moving holiday or Holy Day gave no concreteness to the happening. Kids frustrated with this non-definity grew up and became TV programmers reaking their revenge on the rest of us by continually moving your favorite tv shows around, week in week out. Sister Mary Aloyisous Ignatious!?? I smote thee with my own switch!

But back on topic.
Anyone out there with musical suggestions for the Sunday before Thanksgiving? No Christmas music, for sure. Definitely Mr. Wainwright's Thanksgiving. Loudon's always good for a sardonic chuckle.
And, yes, I will be playing some of that "Jesus" stuff, regardless of the personal punishment I may endure.

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"Holiday" by James McMurtry is always welcome (at least in my car).
Oh My!??
WP, I didn't relaize that there was a Grinch hidden deep within your soul. I just hope that when you listen to the morose (though striking to the bone true) lyrics of Mr. McMurtry in "Holiday" that you're driivng solo in your car. "Holiday" is not a song I'd wish on my loved ones (although I will take your suggestion and play it this Sunday).
Mr. McMurtry doesn;t just put a damper on one's holiday; he dumps the whole damn chimney on you.
Ah, James is close enough to a PK to call out my deep inner Grinch and make every holiday seem just a little like the One he portrays.
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