Friday, November 16, 2007

Identity Crisis, of the Self-Invented Sort

Not so much in search of topics as in Search of Self, I've decided to channel the inner Croatian and see how he communicates in his alleged mother tongue. If my relatives are any judge of my communicating methodology, laughs are sure to be provided by the possessors of basic Croatian when they try to read my entries.
My purpose, aside from providing unintended giggles to the Hrvati? Practice makes perfect, or in my case, ameliorates an embarrassing situation. So, this blog, My Hrvatski Really Stinks, is now open on the major Croatian blog site, the teeny tiny country's version of Blogger. We shall see how this goes. If nothing else, I'm sure my posting there, if they do attract flies to my 3 day fish entries, will produce fine examples of the Croatian Art of Cursing.

The blog site will be improved/changed as time goes on. I've blown the dust off of my Croatian-English/English-Croatian dictionaries, so the words used there will be accurate. However, for those hoping to learn anything from that site, I say, 'Speak not as I write". My grammar is, well, primitive. There are more than enough conjugations in the language to have 2 or 3 languages, so my "take" on them is haphazard, at best.

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