Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holiday Customs

Along with the usual things happening around the holidays such as massive food obtention, course preparation guaranteed to test the load stress on the strongest zippers, various decorations intended to spur cheer and memories in our household it has become customary to wield a roller, pan, and angled brush come any/all holidays.

Well, holidays specifically in the colder months so that we are forced to open up windows, turn off the heat, and engage cross-fannage ( a technical term/practice used by most professional painters ) to hurry along the drying phase of paint. If it's a complicated scenario, all the better. What would a stressless holiday feel like? Inhuman, I believe.

So, this is what I've been doing most of the last 2 days as evidenced by the short postings. Men, if you hear the word "effect" or "glazing" or "faux", fake hearing loss and quickly scuttle away like a crab waving one arm in front of your face as protection from any possible comprehension. I've been in the process of a two-glaze faux effect paint job in one of our rooms. These glazes are incapable of drying. A full 24 hours and the paint is still moist! We may have to give folks lab coats on Thursday to protect their clothing.

Luckily, there is barely any paint smell.
Just wetness. Swampy thick wetness. I don't think this was the effect we were after.

Can't wait to hear the announcement of which room gets a brushing this Christmas. I may just use magic markers.

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Ah, the frisson created by home improvement adventures right before a big holiday.

Good luck.
Thanks, Ms. Jag,
Being of sound paranoid Slavic body and soul, I am in eternal expectation of the house caving in on my ears.

it's a good thing.
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