Friday, November 30, 2007

Finished. Sort of.

Well, November is coming to a close as is NaBloPoMo. I have and I haven't successfully completed my self-pacting.
I have not blogged every day, missing, I think, three days.
On average, the quantity of blogs divided by 30 days, however, exceeds 1 blog a day. A moral completion, then. No potential for Big Prizes, but at least I don't have to worry about the potential tax consequences. Wouldn't want to answer my door some years from now and have to answer questions about my NaBloPoMo prize.
Nest year, if it's still around, I'll plan a little better and have some entries in the bank prior to Thanksgiving week. That, or I'll simply shoot some pics of the feast and stretch out the postings for a few days. Not in keeping with the spirit of the thing, but I need my weesssssst.


Yes, let's all shake hands and pour ourselves a drink. Hey, it's eggnog season! With a few of those under our belts, perhaps we can bring in December with a bellowing chorus of "I Did It My Way".

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