Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thank You Don,

...I'm not going nuts. In this posting, Mr. Don Lindich of Sound Advice Blog answers a nagging iPod situation I've blogged on (and on and on) about in the past.
Namely, the lousy sound quality of the iPod, specifically when played through any decent stereo equipment or set of headphones (and don't get me started on playing an iPod through a car stereo..).

I'm not posting this to continue any discussion/argument on this topic. Nor am I trying to change anyone's mind on the iPod. Please, go out and buy the newest version as soon as possible! Like, right now! Me, I'll stay here and fool around with my CD's. It's just good to know this old guy isn't quickly, as opposed to slowly, slipping off into senility. Thank you, Don.
The only thing Don left off of his answer was just how much of a loss of iPod hard drive space do you lose by opting for Apple Lossless Compression under the Importing options. Hmm, let's see if he answers that question.

And, stating the obvious, Don's post was just another reason for having his site listed on the Daily Clicks, off there to your right. It's always a place of interest as long as you heed the caveat of "Keep your wallet in a secure and hard to access place."

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GAH! My old NAD receiver was the one I finally had to drop in a garbage can. I still miss it, and will testify to the fact that the new receivers don't receive nearly as well as the vintage ones did.

But on to the topic at hand: one could, of course, just boycott iTunes, iPod and other Apple attempts at counter-monopolization. Geez, what a bunch! You get the competition you deserve, I suppose.
DarkoV, could you please email me with your contact info? I'd like to use your question about hard drive space and Apple Lossless Compression in my column. Email me at donlindich at gmail dot com.

Don Lindich
Sound Advice
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