Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Not sure if Mr. Sgazzetti has signed up. His joining in on the November 2006 version of NaBloPoMo prompted me to sign up before I realized the level of commitment required. I made it through last November with at least one post a day. Unlike Ms. Jag over at Hillbilly, Please, who posts on almost a regular daily basis, moss tends to grow over my entries such that 2 posts a week is doing well for me. I need this commitment to get the posting numbers up. It's not a competitive thing although prizes are available. The tax consequences resulting from such gains is not worth the hassle; all I need is the IRS after my blogging personality to make this year truly special. So, if I win anything (hardly likely), I will not accept as I'd prefer not to have a taxing authority in my blogging domain.

So, my usual suspected readers. Any of you willing to make a month's commitment to the Daily Word?

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Yeah, I committed on the first day they opened up the sign-on site. I am planning to take it easy this year, letting random photos do most of the heavy lifting.

Glad to know you'll be in on it, too.
Ah, Yes. The old "Photos as saying 1,000 words blog posting" trick. Agent Smart would be proud and envious simultaneously.
Hm. I'll give it some thought. Lately I've found that words have been slow to flow from the fingertips.
Hope you decide to give it a go. I'm hoping, as I did last year, that doing 30 days will make the daily blog thing a habit since, allegedly, only 21 days of a repeated activity is necessary to get one in the groove.

Besides, we haven't had a music-related meme in a while. This would be a good time to crack one open.
Since I'm offering a poster print from my store as one of the prizes, I decided participating in NaBloPoMo would be a conflict of interest.

And there's also the fact that, as you pointed out, I more or less post daily already.
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