Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Hornby Radar...

...is in serious dis-repair. His Slam was released September 11th and I hadn't a clue he was even working on something. Slam is his debut teenager book. Most of the reviews seem favorable, no that that is any reason to pick up this book. Here's a non-review by The Times. Come on! It's a Hornby. Reason enough.

Rough story outline is teen-aged boy finds out ex-girlfriend is with child and he is then deep into philosophy with his Tony Hawk bedroom poster. Mr. Hawk gives a quote line in today's NYT of the novel stating, "SLAM is a poignant, endearing story for teens and adults alike.
I know very little of Mr. Hawk, but somehow me-thinks "poignant" and "endearing" are not words he'd normally be heaving out.
Still, it is a Hornby, so Slam may be well worth...borrowing from the local library. Or, perhaps from some skateboarder who may have picked up the hardback version based on the old-timer Hawk's recommendation or his inclusion as an inspiring icon in the book.

Or, as another reason to obtain the book, as reviewer Janet Christie suggests, "So if your teenager is out skating, they're probably too busy to read this book - or have sex - anyway, but if they're in their room with a boyfriend or girlfriend, shove it under the door quick, before it's too late."


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