Monday, October 01, 2007

Cicadas and Phillies

Every 15 years (or so) both the Phillies and the Cicadas make a lot of noise and get everybody so churned up that thoughts of the World Coming to an End or the return of the Philadelphia Plague are swirling about. I know that Jim is already out there tromping around and getting tired of hearing that the Phillies are the Nat Leagues East Champs.

But, come on Jim! You're in the Greater "Yo!" Area, you've got to give them some cred! I mean, even that New Yorker Conan is getting into the act (while simultaneously showing no heart for the Mets). It's not about laughing at the Mets; you've got to empathize with their drop off the cliff. It's about the Phillies, complete with Manager Charlie Manuel's hair-pulling late inning decision-making and heart attack inducing bullpen, and how they pulled it out with no time to spare. Things like this just don't happen to the Phillies. This is machina ex deus we're talking about here!

(Thanks to Philly's own 700 Level for links.)


Yes, well, thanks for the links.
It's beginning to sound more like crickets over here. ;-)
You're right. There've been some very slow posting days over here. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.
A long time ago when I first started this blogging thing, I promised myself I'd never, ever write about work. In general, I've kept my promise. But, material for this blog is hard to come by if you spend 8-10 hours of each day's 16 waking hours at the salt mine. I won't be breaking my promise, although I've been tempted. There's a gold mine of human foibles and graces to cull from at work.
I agree with your philosophy of not blogging about work (I've slipped a few times, but try to keep it to a minimum) and empathize with your plight when most of the waking hours are spent at work. But thank you for "catching up." :-)
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