Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I am ashamed, and that is putting my condition mildly. While writing the previous entry, I came upon this most excellent of posts regarding a record and turntable emporium on Murray Ave. in Pittsburgh that I have passed many a time, Jerry's Records. I never went in because the storefront seemed incredibly small, indicating to me that the interior was as well. What the heck could Jerry have in there that I'd be interested in?

Well, appearances are deceiving, as you can...uhhmmmm, see. Next time in Pittsburgh, which should be within a month, yours truly will be parking himself at Jerry's.

A tip of the linking hat to Don Lindich (nice Slavic name, that) over at Sound Advice.

A Word of Caution: Do NOT go over to Sound Advice unless you've put your checkbook and wallet in a safe, secure, and not easily accessible place. If you have a weakness for stereo equipment elements, bargains, and small shiny objects, readily available instruments of payment should not be within your reach. Also, if you go there, bring along a drool rag as some of the items he discusses and the stereo-porn pictures he posts will have you salivating. Tying yourself up in your computer chair would be advisable.....but I don't want to get weird here.


There must be some freaky sort of Javascript application patched into those pictures at Sound Advice, 'cos I'm experiencing flashbacks in the worst way...
Is that what they were? I assumed it was a little fellow on my right shoulder poking me with his trident and whispering "buy, Buy, BUy, BUY!!"
Funny, Jerry's is exactly how I envision the top floor of your home might look. And Wow! What a great store...you've gotta love the understated elegance of its facade. Enjoy!
Thanks for the link and the kudos! Nice to see my efforts are appreciated.

I have some really cool stuff coming to my blog soon, be sure to stop back in the coming weeks.

Don Lindich
Sound Advice from MCIS
Gwynne, If Only!!! I think if I was a bachelor and thus totally bereft of home decor rules, that would be me lounging in vinyl bliss. Fortunately, that marrriage thing has prevented the total collapse of the third floor of our house due to excess vinylage. But, I still emit the heavy long sighs on occasion when I remember the over 700 LP's I gave away/ sold for peanuts at one stage in the Space Negotiation period of my wedded bliss. Mr. Lindich,
Your site, Sound Advice Blog, is now on the list off to the right of Daily Sites to Visit, a rather poor substitute for Big Time Kudos kudos nonetheless.
I am paying a child of indeterminate page in pocket change to hide my Instruments of Purchasing somewhere where he'll remember and I'll never guess so that I certainly will be visiting your site without fear of fiscal ruination.
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