Friday, September 21, 2007

The Gloves are Down. Gordie Goes Legal

This story is very disturbing. I mean, we're talking about the original Mr. Hockey, the inspiration for the Gordie Howe Hat Trick (Mr. Howe had over 100 of these hat tricks in his life), the only professional hockey player to ever appear in a professional game during six consecutive decades (1940s-1990s). "Gordie Howe" is my ever-loving wife's answer to any Trivial Pursuit question about hockey. And guess what? Her answer is right 50% of the time ("Wayne Gretsky" being another 50% and "Punch Imlach" the balance of 20%). I remember him checking a guy into the boards and smearing his face against the glass for a good 40 feet. Gordie was only 48 at the time. The other guy got up and, I swear, apologized to Mr. Howe for getting in his way.

Doesn't Mr. Howe's neighbor realize who Gordie Howe is? This clown should be sitting in the sin bin with Tie Domi! If Mr. Howe had only let some of his older fans know he was in a bit of a spot, I'm sure they would have paid a visit to his neighbor and straightened the matter up. That idiot was messing with a Hockey God.

Note Bene: Speaking of hockey, A Theory of Ice has already started writing about the Montreal Habitants 2007-2008 season. It's great to have her back again.

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I never thought I'd see the day, but age does indeed seem to be creeping up on our Gordie. Resorting to the constabulary and the courts? Heaven forfend! Get those elbows back up, Gordie! Take 'em out of the game!!
I don't know if it's age or these litigious times. Who woulda thunk it was a pile of densely written dreck that finally slowed Gordie down? The beauty of a well-timed check into the boards done in by a boob in a 3-piece suit.
Life just ain't fair.
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