Thursday, August 30, 2007


In the House & Home section of today's NYT, there was a short blurb about a Book Stool. Available at Conran's, these "stools" consist of paper, books, possibly even fabric or blankets (that you have lying around causing much domestic misery) and two cotton/nylon straps with the plastic connecting pieces you see on backpacks. You provide the material to be strapped and Conran will provide you, for a hefty fee of $39.00 (excluding delivery) two 88 1/2 inch pieces of cotton/nylon straps.

This is killing multiple birds with 2 straps. Those books, newspapers, and magazines that have been a thorn in your ever-loving spouse's(ELS) side can now be turned into something truly useful. YEs, another place to sit one's carcass on. Why, you can finally have that 12 place dining set you've been mulling over for the past 23 years. If I play my cards right...hmmmmm, let me do some cipherin' here.

12 stools.
$39 each.
That's $468, about the price of 2 decent chairs or one exquisite chair.

O.K., if I can convince the ELS that rustic/rural is in this year, I can substitute 12 of these for one of this, saving roughly $466. If I start her off with the price of one exquisite chair @ $468 or $5,616 for twelve chairs and then negotiate down to 12 decent chairs @ $2,808 for a dozen (because I am, after all, a reasonable man), my "savings" would increase from the initial $466 to a whopping $2,806.

You know where I'm going with these savings, right?
That's right! To the nearest brick 'n mortar or Internet bookstore, since I'll be needing more filling material for these book stools! So, I'll be decorating and accumulating at the same time (and that's even taking into account the insualting I'll be indirectly doing by accumulating additional books).

Hey, Gwynne, this is how you CPA's do your cipherin' when you're about to tell a client how much you saved them, right? Think there's a future for me in the post-Enron accounting world?

I'm waiting for the CD version of these Book Stools. Sittin' on CD's. Sound good? Let me get to cipherin' that possibility.


Now this is the sort of math I can do quite handily. Too bad you didn't post this before we purchased our Simpson sofa - I'm sure I could have done something better with books and a plank of plywood.
No way, WP! While these Book Stools have some appeal, I'm sure that appeal has the half-life of a teenaged thought. After a while, I think, one would feel as if they're living in a news stand and the book stools are today's Must Sell piles.

Besides, it's not just anyone who has a Simpson couch. Now, that's a keeper (and looker)!
Well, you lost even me on the cipherin' but I could really use a few of those straps...we've got a (ahem) boatload(!) of sailing magazines that would make for some great chairs on the boat.
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