Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Elsewhere Blogs

By the signs of this photo, Dr. T. Burke of Easily Distracted has a career at Sign-Making he can lean on if the academic gig wears him out. Dr. Burke always has some interesting posts. I'm eagerly awaiting his thought-out view on the whole Antioch mess.

Searchie is Baaaacccccck! Her first posts since April are here and here. I'd given up any hope of her posting due to, what I'd presumed, a self-imposed sabbatical to concentrate on writing. Good to see her quips and snorts again.

Communicatrix is up to her usual self-improvement lists. Does she ever rest her brain? Hasn't she improved enough? Isn't there a wall one hits as far as species progression is concerned?

Darrell Reimer of Whisky Prajer has not let a summer flu of megalithic proportions slow down his reviews. In fact, he's been putting them out at a heated rate, the flu having seemingly turned up the temperature on his evaluative skills.


Gah. I am so work-burdened. This writing for a living is difficult stuff, you know? At the moment, I am embroiled in a Titanic power struggle with a frighteningly obtuse co-worker. I thought such crap would end when I left academia ... but human nature is remarkably consistent, despite the setting.

OK. Now I have to compose a polite, but stinging, smackdown to said co-worker.

Any suggestions, anyone? I love these useless power struggles, by the way.
frighteningly obtuse co-worker?

Searchie, do you think it may be the negative karma from that IT guy from your Days of Academia who seemed to be your nebbish-y nemesis?

No suggestions to offer here; have you watered him/her at least once a week and Miracle-Gro-ed him/her monthly?
Hasn't she improved enough? Isn't there a wall one hits as far as species progression is concerned?

If there is, I wish someone would point me toward the damn thing. I need a nap. Or a concussion. Same thing, from this perspective.
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