Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekend Activity

A wee bit excited about this weekend. Convinced the fam that it is culturally necessary to go to the World Cafe in Philly this Saturday night to see Kruno Spisic. Mr. Spisic was NOT born in the Land of the Croats, but in Ontario (the rich-in-Slavic section of the province) and is now living in the Land of the Cheese steak, but performing all over the country. Saturday seems to be the only date in his new hometown for a while. From the little that I listened to from his website, it's evident his hands are not the Devil's Workshop. Mr. Spisic displays a quick set of fingers and a sharp ability to meld jazz, gypsy music, and Balkan songs into his reportoire. Go here and then click on Music and then clips to listen to 6 full length songs. His singing voice and his playing remind me a bit of the guitar god, Leo Kotke. Hope Mr. Spisic is as funny and self-deprecating as the ever-entertaining Mr. Kotke....
...who will be appearing at the Winnipeg Folk Festival on July 7th.

Hey, WP! Going out there this year? If so, I'd love to hear your take on these guys, Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir. And, I can't believe it and I'm envious all over...THE IGUANAS are coming!! AND LOS LOBOS! AND Toumani Diabate's
Symmetric Orchestra
! This is too, too much. WP, I may have to do a cross-borders mind and body meld with you so that I can attend. Damn, but that sounds like a great festival


Count me the envious one now! If we lived anywhere near Philly, we'd certainly join you for a brew and some good music there! Enjoy the concert.
Hey Gwynne,
The best part of the evening? Someone will be packing a sock full of merde, that will be swung in my general vicinity if I dare open my mouth and exhale any political conversational tidbits.

Now see? If my husband were there, you could cajole each other into exhaling tidbits in the same general direction. I'd have to leave the room, but the two of you would have a grand ole Bush-bashing time. ;-)

Los Lobos? In Winnipeg? Da-yamm.

I loves me some Lobos, and of course, Texas Tornados. Oh, and how about some Little Joe y la Familia?

The music by Kruno is new to me, but zowie! Good stuff.
Ooooh - this year we will be too late for Los Lobos and crew. Crying shame, because they're my wife's all-time favourite band.
Oh, geez - Randy Newman, Todd Snider and Jake Chenier, too. And we'll be stuck in Squaresvill, Central Ontario.
Well? How was it?
Fell into a pit again, did you?
Uuffff, Gwynne,
You're a tough one on the old bones. I was just over here, recuperating, reflecting, and re-writing and who comes along, twice!, to kick that guy sitting against the wall!
Heh. Wouldn't want you to feel unloved or anything. ;-)
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