Friday, June 08, 2007

Authors on Stage

Studio-M has been mentioned here before for the site's album reviews. Mr. Joe del Tufo, one of the reviewers and the creator of the site also is handy with the camera, "handy" being a mild descriptive.

Last Friday, June 1st, he happpened to be one of only two photographers prowling around Webster Hall in NYC for a performance by the Rock Bottom Remainders. They actually had a real musician, the incomparable Roger McGuinn on hand as well.

Here's the whole set of photos from Rock Bottom Remainders @ Webster Hall in NYC. Their theme/anthem/mission statement? Still Younger than Keith. Here's a list of the usual suspects. Unusual suspects included Frank McCourt and Andy Borowitz, of whom it was said, "(he) was invited to perform with the Remainders in an effort to improve our average onstage height, which suffered a major blow when Scott Turow joined the band.

And of course their site includes a blog, which, in turn, leaves a trial of many other blogs.

Great pics from Studio-M. Interesting trail of gags, pranks, and non-illeterati at the band's site. Mr. del Tufo mentioned that it was a great time and that Roger McGuinn, while head and shoulders above the rest of the folks on stage as a musician, was very, very gentle to the authors' egos.

WP!??! We know you're handy with the pen; you've alluded to being handy on the guitar. Where were you?


Did the photographer, Mr. Joe Del Tufo, mentioned in this story dabble in writing a few years back?
May I get an email address for him? I stumbled across a (his?) website with some short stories a few years ago. A few of them were quite good. I was sad to find that the site was gone. I was wondering if I could get a hold of one of the stories, "A murder of crows."
Please have him email me:

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