Thursday, June 21, 2007

7 Possibly Truthful Things

Gwynne over at The Shallow End has tagged me while I was not looking. The noose of the meme she's coralled me with is as such. I must list 7 random things about myself and then encourage 7 other souls to do the same. I will endeavour on the former but I can't promise on the latter. Seems this meme's going around and affecting quite a few folks. This version of the meme, with the number upped to 8, is a beauty and one that will be impossible to top. Darn you, Colleen Wainwright! Not that this is a competition, you know.

So, on my mark...get set.....MEME!

1) I almost did not make it to the States alive. While on the freighter that brought my family over to join my dad in Jersey, we ran into your typical nasty Atlantic edge of hurricane storm. Being a young lad, still ripe to follow Darwin's Law, I was walking on one of the decks when a large wave washed me off my feet and out toward the roiling seas. Luckily, one leg landed on one side of a thin pole and the other leg landed on the other side of the same pole, causing much pain (but no permanent damage as evidence by my offspring) to the items between my legs. I was able to crawl inside a cabin before the next wave hit.

2) Prior to my escapades at sea, I was spending summer holidays at one of my cousin's farm on a river seperating Bosnia-Hercogovina and Croatia (back in the day when they were all republics and part of Yugoslavia), when I was told that we'd be leaving Yugoslavia and coming to America. I hid in a wooden barrel for 5 hours, thinking my mother and relatives would forget about me and leave.
No such luck.

3) The first time that I skiied, my college roomie, an expert skier from New Hampshire, took me to the top of Owl's Head, pointed me down a black diamond trail, and gently pushed me, yelling over my screams, "This is the best way to get your legs!". Turned out he was right. Sink or swim, I guess...

4)...which brings me to how I learned to swim. We were on holidays on the Croatian coast, taking a leisurely day sail on a fishing/sailing boat, going from island to island. We anchored at a cove. I watched the anchor drop 100 feet into the water, raising a dust of sand as it hit the bottom. I was five and loved the water as long as I was surrounded by inflatables. Without so much as a word, my mom picked me up from my lunch place and threw me into the water. Without a tube. I remember I sank to the bottom; my mother remembers me going under once and then churning up water as I doggy-paddled around the boat until I found some rope to grip onto. The end of the escapade? I stayed in the water and swam for hours, while also yelling at my mother through sputters of salty water.

5) I've been either a registered Independent or Democrat voter since I was 18 and yet I voted for Nixon. Twice. My time in Purgatory is guaranteed. I blame it on ping-pong diplomacy. I've never voted for a Republican Presidential candidate since.

6) In college, I banked at the same location as Henri Richard. He had a brasserie nearby and would come in to empty his till on occasion. I also saw Jean Beliveau there once. If God himself had banked there, I don't think there would have been as great reverence exhibited toward someone. It was amazing.

7) When my son was born and while my Ever Loving Wife was somewhat incapacitated, I was tempted to fill out the birth certificate by writing BeBop as his middle name. Fortunately (or is that unfortunately), temptation did not lead to action.

O.K., now for the drum roll.
My apologies, folks.

Whisky Prajer
Hillbilly, Please
Isoglossia (Yes, you've been taged twice)
Texas Trifles

I'll stop at Six. Enough punishment has been dispensed.


Heh. Some good stories. I love #4...some real motherly love there. ;-)
Let me add one adjective.
"...some real Slavic motherly love.

The Spartans have nothing on Slavic mothers. And we, their surviving children, appreciate that.
The Seven Deadly Sins?

Seven Voyages of Sinbad?

Seven come eleven?

Seven Swans a swimming?

Seven, that's the time we leave for Heaven?

Seven Secrets of Pattie?

I'll give 'er a go...
I'd like to comment on the interesting-ness of your answers, but I'm stuck thinking about how differently my life would have turned out if Dad had named me "Be-Bop" while Mom wasn't looking...
Voted for Nixon twice, eh? And you don't even hesitate to admit it. Truly you know no fear.
I was under the delusion in those days that Henry Kissinger was a human being.

I realized 1 year into Nixon's term that I was wrong. Very wrong.
Meme-mission accomplished.
It seems to me, Darko, this was a Balkan way to learn swimming. I learnt it the same way, only I threw myself into water and expected me to swim :-D
Dude. Will this suffice?
I'm assuming you wanted to link to here, right?
Dude. What the hell did I do? I had meant to link to either the previous 7 things meme or the more recent 8 things meme. I won't try to link them in a comment here again for fear of creating some sort of comment black hole.
Okay, my man Godfrey, here is my self-revelatin', past-contemplatin', Jubilation T Corn Pone re-con-noiter-in' attempt at this little game:

Right C'here
I'm not ignoring you. I'm just very, very behind.

Oh, and still reeling from the 2 X Nixon revelation.
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