Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thoughts, while we're at it

O.K. One last needlee waste of time.

1) Go to Google.
2) Type in your first name.
3) Space.
4) Type the word, thinks
5) Hit Return.
Record a blog with the key thoughts you allegedly had.

My thoughts included the following.

Darko thinks he's just a troubled young man who's seeing odd hallucinations, but in actuality, he's the saviour of the human race.
Darko thinks he's Socrates! (Eureka)
Darko thinks Woody Allen’s Annie Hall is a cautionary tale about the futility of romance. (what I really thought was, that the movie was about eggs, cause we all need 'em)
Darko thinks Smurfs are asexual.
Sure, he's not an idiot, but Darko obviously thinks that to get elected, all you need is a smile and long eyelashes.

And finally…

Darko had more important thinks to do.

Note Bene: This is a very small selection. It seems, according to Google, I personally have only 265,000 thoughts. While my wants number 334,000 and my needs top 325,000, thinking is not what I seem to spend a lot of time doing, which explains a lot. But the Ever-Loving Wife knew this already as she was trying to figure out what I was thinking when satisfying me cd needs and wants.


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