Friday, May 04, 2007

This Sunday

Another weekend will be rolling around when I'll be dj-ing the 9:00 to 12:00 Morning After shift this coming Sunday on WVUD, the University of Delaware's radio station.
The weather here in Delaware promises to be in the gorgeous 70's and the Eagles fans' ire has dropped since the confusion of last week's NFL Draft, so calm, at least for now, will be in the air. In the spirit of maintaining that calm, I'm looking to include Ned Sublette, Brad Mehldau, Cafe Tacuba, Ry Cooder, Michelle Shocked, John Butler Trio, E.S.T., and Los Hombres Calientes in the mix.

Interested? You can catch Morning After here, this coming Sunday.

Addendum: May 8, 2007
Here's the playlist for Morning After of MAy 6, 2007.
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Have you figured out yet how to podcast this? Or is there anyway to pick it up on satellite?
Hey Gwynne, thanks for asking. Whisky Prajer had posed the same question a while back.

Succintly, the damn lawyers.

Somewhat elongated response: Since I'm playing music that is copyrighted and licensed by someone other than me, I'd have to get a signed approval by every artist (well, actually, every artist's lawyer) to allow me to have the show podcasted. As I'm mainly interested in [alying the music rather than hoosegowing the lawyers in my limited free time, I've bagged the podcast idea until I can win the lottery, buy an old scrapheap of a freighter, anchor it off the East Coast, and do a 24/7 Pirate podcast.....and wait to get torpedoed.
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