Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Thinking Room

An interesting (and short) article here as pointed out by serotoninrain. Based on this, will companies have two types of conference/meeting rooms? One room, with low ceilings, for meetings where directive action is required as a result of getting together. Another room, with high ceilings, would be available when you're sculpting ideas. Or, do you simply have one conference room with a moveable ceiling sort of like the baseball/football stadiums that have moveable roofs to deal with different weather conditions. Only in this case, the ceiling simply moves up and down depending on the "action thinking" - "creative thinking" mix the meeeting leader desires.

We know that the manner in which a room is lit, painted, and heated/cooled will have an immediate affect on one's comfort and therefore one's thinking. How much more can a confined and controllable space like a conference room be alterred by a meeting conductor to sway the mental states of the participants? Are the interrogation rooms used by the US armed forces in Iraq and Cuba low-ceilinged or high-ceilinged? Does it depend on the direction of the questioning?

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