Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sleepy Thoughts

My Ever-Loving Wife has been mentioning that my night noises have now increased in variety such that a catalog of my sounds is soon forthcoming. The latest one seems to be a whinnying sound that horses let loose when they are cheerfully sucking on sugar cubes. Blissfully aware of one singular taste.

"So, what are you thinking when you are in your equine state?"
"I'm not sure. I do recall queuing up. For someone or something. Or both."
"Pearly gates? CD release parties? Another social gathering"
"No, no. Something more important. Something that I'm lacking in my life now. It's an immediate thing, but I have to wait in line."

Isn't this pitiful! I'm in my own dream and I still have to wait. The expectancy of arrival; the most enjoyable part of any trip. I'm not sure if I ever get to the head of the line in these dreams. I check my pillow in the morning to see if there are mustard stains or remnants of greasy fresh-cut fries. Or....or just a slice of heaven.

This is my cathedral when I go up North.

egad - here it is, first thing in the morning, and I'm starving for a smoked beef sandwich, an enormous gherkin pickle and a can of grape cola.
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