Friday, May 25, 2007

One Last Plea

Voting ends at the end of today for The Third Annual Satin Pajamas awards given out as a result of YOUR voting. Didn't have a chance to vote in the recent French elections? Then go here and vote for Isolglossia in the category of Best Expatriate Writing. He's only 2% points behind the tempting and Continental Le Blagueur à Paris.

Your choices are Isolglossia, an American in Slovenia who's busy creating boys and DIY Mac Cases.


Le Meg over at Le Blagueur à Paris, who, while thoroughly entertaining, witty, and self-deprecating (Lots of bonus points for the latter) is, uhhmmmm...well she, ahhhh, she doesn't seem to enjoy drinking beer. Yeah, that's a good reason for voting for Isolglossia, a man thoroughly capable in the matters of Babies & Beer.
So, please. Two minutes of your time here and click on Isolglossia.

Often. Clicking often is a good thing.

Le Meg over at Le Blagueur à Paris has made quite a tempting offer.
" le Meg said...
The Darko Lord of the Tween Devil Squad hath appeared!

And is he asking me to barter?

I would certainly cede the western territory of Expat if he were to allow me the small kingdom of Writing.

Call off your dogs Darko!

Aside from her "complementary" phrasing, I think her proposal is quite the Gordian Knot solution to this dilemna.

So, please vote for Le Blagueur à Paris in the category of Best Writing here. She does deserve to win at least one of the awards that she's been nominated for.


typing one-handed, sweaty baby an sweaty beer in otha -- it humid here

just took lead this very minute ur prt in dis not 2 b undrestim8ed

I can't BELIEVE that there is someone on this planet who thinks that I don't enjoy beer.

The waiters at my local cafe actually refer to me as something which translates roughly as "giant anglo drinking wussy scarf boys under the table."

I know it's over Sgazzetti. I bow and shake my head and hope you will someday console me with beer.
I obeyed your every command, Mr. DarkoV. I do hope I am duly rewarded in heaven with the beers you have promised all around. ;-)
Le Meg,
A poor choice of arrows from the quiver of blog putdowns. My only excuse is that I was unable to find any entries on your blog regarding the Juice of Wheat & Hops, whereas Mr. Sgazzetti over @ Isoglossia had cases of suds-related stories.

I will take you on your word that your Nom de Francaise is translated as "giant anglo drinking wussy scarf boys under the table." That's quite a mouthful. Is there an extreme shoulder shrug thrown in for good measure?
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