Thursday, May 03, 2007

Needs ...

Borrowed from Gwynne, over at The Shallow End.

1) Go to Google.
2) Type in your first name.
3) Space.
4) Type the word, "needs".
Hit Return.

Post a blog with the key needs deemed for you.

My needs included the following.

Darko needs some Light.
Darko needs to find out why his destiny must be as it is.
Darko needs some cable television analyst to inspire him.
Darko needs to be traded.
Darko needs therapy avalanche.
Darko needs to be watched multiple times in order to gain a full understanding.
Darko needs Detroit’s big men to all snap knees! (I’m not touching this one)
Darko (with a name like that who needs enemies). (…straight from the Google Search, unchanged)
Darko needs his own move. (Been looking for that since I mis-placed my mojo)
Darko needs to grow up, listen up, and smarten up. (A popular refrain I’ve been hearing)
Darko's hair needs to be discussed. An intervention might be required. (Considering I need hair, an intervention would be greatly appreciated)

And finally…

Darko needs time to digest this information, and (so he)takes a walk.

Note Bene: This is a very small selection. It seems, according to Google, I personally have over 625,000 needs. That sounds about right, although quite tiring as well.


Is it rude to laugh at someone else's needs? Because your needs have me rolling on the floor, especially the parts about needing inspiration from The Cable Guy and an avalanche of therapy. ;-)

I suppose we all need to "grow up, listen up and smarten up" but who wants to?
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