Monday, May 21, 2007

If the Devil's in the...

...furnace, then he'd possibly be in Lucifer's Furnaces, to be exact. I came upon this name the other day as my company is having dealings with these folks. It seems the hottest that one of Lucifer's ovens gets to is 3200 degrees Fahrenheit. No, there are no models with the number "666". It seems even these boys in Warrington, PA have limits to their tongue-in-cheek humors.

This is now my favorite corporate name. It used to be Tanstaafl Electric Cable Inc. Everybody familiar with Tanstaafl, right?


Warrington is less than $50 miles from me. I guess that's the hot new place to be. Heh.

Tanstaafl? Think I'll start saying that to people who sneeze.
When I first spoke to some folks at Tanstaafl, I thought that the firm was named after a Dutch, Amish, German, or Scandinavian ancestor. When it was curtly explained to me that TANASTAAFL was, basically, their payment policy (i.e., we shipped it, we billed it, you pay for it in 15 days, no "and"s, "if"'s or "but"'s), I got with the program. Their program, that is.

It does seem like a technically complex and polite way to tell someone to "go and stick it", doesn't it?
Well, I don't like their attitude.

Heh, my WV is "gzichj" which is Croatian for grinch, I'm pretty sure. ;-)
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