Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The European Vote

Thanks to the international theme of the Internet, we here on the other side of the Pond can cast our votes for this enthusiastic fellow. Well, o.k., not this fellow, but this fellow's proud dad, Mr. Sgazzetti of Isoglossia. He has been nominated for Best Expatriate Weblog in the Third Annual Satin Pajamas Award. Click on the link. Go down to the Fifth category. Click on Isoglossia and then click the vote button. He's currently lagging behind the leader, Loxias, who, while most probably an interesting fellow, is calling in old favors for a vote.

As his un-official self-appointed manager, I promise that should Mr. Sgazzetti win the coveted Silk Pajamas, not only will he wear them and have a photo posted to his site, but he will also invite all of us who voted (I'm taking names!) over to his villa for some of these served by these hands. I just need to wrok out my funding request for this celebration with FEMA.

So, vote early and often.


For the record, the only way to vote "often" is to delete cookies. Not that I would do such a thing. Just sayin. 8-}
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