Thursday, May 03, 2007

...and Wants

1) Go to Google.
2) Type in your first name.
3) Space.
4) Type the word, "wants".
5) Hit Return.
Record a blog with the key wants deemed for you.

My wants included the following.

Darko wants more than just money.
Darko wants to stay.
Darko wants to have African food for people to sample, but is skeptical that ARAMARK will approve it.
Darko wants revenge. (A good blanket statement)
Darko really wants to be a point guard.
Darko wants us to be a part of his reality because it is better for us.
Darko wants you to think he’s really deep. (Ouch!)
Darko want(s) to balance the cost with the need in the market.

And finally…

Darko needs to figure out what he wants to be. (Clever use of "need" and "want")

Note Bene: This is a very small selection. It seems, according to Google, I personally have over 634,000 wants. My wants outnumber my needs by 9,000 or 1.44%. Ain't it always the case.


I've been looking for some good, ARAMARK approved, African food. Keep working on it. ;-)
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