Sunday, April 22, 2007

Those Familiar PC Blues.

My pseudo-Dell is cranky. It used to be a Dell 5 years ago, but after many continual problems, it was stripped and rigged with mainland China components, i.e., Dell parts w/o the nameplates. For $200, it was worth it compared to the prospect of buying a new pc/Mac at the time. Lately, though, it's been punking out. Must be the 110 volts running through it. I now have to unplug the cords for the mouse and for the keyboard so that the pc can start up, giving a whole new twist on the plug-n-play ease of working. My external HD also has to be unplugged and then plugged for it to allow the op system to engage. When loading my tax software, the cd drive mysteriously goes to sleep, bringing the whole system down with it. Only after multiple "naps" was the whole tax software fully loaded.

It's begging to be euthanized.

On the positive side of things, you know those Apple movies? Well, my pseudo-Dell seems to be getting brighter. As it downloads the movies, especially the one titled "Sabotage", the pc seems to be formaulating the inkling that by downloading these commercials it is mocking itself. So, what does the pseudo-Dell do? It locks up 3/4 of the way through, so that I miss the punchline. I have to slog on downstairs to catch the entire thing on my Ever Loving Wife's Mac. Oh, for the day when I'll be Back on the Mac again.


"Five years", eh? What an abysmal shelf-life (he says, staring worriedly at his own Dell screen). I'm having fun putzing around with Linux, but I do believe I'll save my pennies and transfer to Mac when my machine gives up its ghost.
Fry's, sunshine... if you have Fry's on that coast?

Get yourself a new motherboard/CPU combo for under $200, most weekends. You might need to pop for some RAM too, but all your other kit will still work.

It's only scary the first time.
"Fry's"?! Aiiieeeeee!! No, there has to be a better way. This simply has to. ('sides, isn't Fry's a west-coast thing?)
No bricks 'n mortar Fry's here on the East Coast although there's always Fry's on the Internet. F.C., I'm just wondering if it's worth investing $200 in a machine that's well over 5 years. Although, hmm, I did just put in a new CD-DVD, and a new sound card within the last year.

A new Mac is simply too tempting....
I'll have to think about this.

WP, dare I dare ask what your experience with Frys has been? You lived, so I'm assuming the experience wasn;t fatal.
My first Frys experience was my most memorable (the way first experiences tend to be). This was also my first visit with my wife to San Jose. My parents took us out to the Rosicrucian Museum. The musem had an overabundance of Egyptian artifacts related to the pyramids - seems they've got a bit of a "pyramid power" complex happening. We "hmm'd" and "oooh'd", then my father announced, "I think we should go to Frys."

There's no question the Egyptians were good at what they did, but they fell far short of installing escalators...

It took a few years later, but I've got some product exchange woes to relate as well.
Here is one exterior shot. The interior isn't quite so dazzling, but it does have quite a few Anubis statues, standing guard over the ... uh ... circuitry. Very strange cross between DisneyLand and Best Buy.
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