Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sittin' 'n Listenin'

I've got Holly Cole's version of Mr. Waits' "Little Boy Blue" cued up. LaVerne Butler's oozing "Little Girl Blue" right now. Just another Sunday morning @ WVUD. I'll be posting the playlist later today @ Morning After 91.3. Out herein the East,it's threatening to be raining ice. Can't find a song to go along with that meteoroligical scenario. No, I won't be playing "Cold as Ice". No way. No how.

Today's playlist has been added to Morning After 91.3.

Just a note. Mr. Whisky Prajer was wondering if I'd be podcasting some of these shows any tme soon. A great idea. Except..... The legal heads at the station noted that if all of the songs on the show were original, i.e. my original, I could do the podcast. Since the songs are the property of other artists or their families, agents, or companies, I would not be able to include them on a podcast...unless I was broadcasting from one of those pirate radio stations that used to be broadcasting over in Europe or outside USA territorial waters.

ArghhhH! A bummer.


Darn! Mind you, Darko The Buccaneer has a certain ring to it. Arr, matey - time to hoist sail, and set to the seas!
All right. Your break is over, Mr. V. Your readers insist. No, beg. Don't make us grovel. Please? ;-)
Did you maybe join Martin Strel in his Amazon swim?
Surely, this can't go on much longer. What have we done? Let the groveling begin...
...96 bottles of beer on the wall...take one down, pass it around...95 bottles of beer on the wall, 95 bottles of beer...

It sure is dark and lonely in here.
Sittin' and Listenin': get up and say something. :-)
It's another blog, isn't it? You've started another blog and haven't told me about it. I feel so betrayed.
Since I surmise that Darko is swimming the length of the Amazon with Martin Strel, and since, at last count, it is Day 54 of said swim, I predict that Darko will return to this space in approximately 2-3 weeks with many tales to tell.
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