Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Elevator to Circle 8.4, Please.

Being set in my ways, most unfortunately, I've tried to make those worn grooves of my life's habits at least a bit interesting. This site has come in handy, as far as the deeply-ingrained need I have to pigeon-hole someone. Let's call it Classic Pigeon-holing, if you don't mind.

I've tried this site and even tried Google-Mapping Hell/Inferno/A Day with Donald Trump with minimal additional useful information. Google-Mapping takes a requested search of Dante's Inferno here. Not necessarily the place you'd want to be pigeon-holed...unless that is the place you want to be pigeon-holed in, but I'm staying away from that topic.

So, I'm sticking with this fine site when it comes time to put someone in their space/slot. Waiting for some creative Dante scholar out there to make an interactive site that takes, as input, your personal proclivity and then lets you know what floor of Dante's Inverted skyscraper you may soon be living on.

Anyone out there familiar with such a fine Internet-based judgemental game?


Sadly, there are way too many people in real-life who believe themselves qualified to fill the rings with others' souls.
Playing God (or Dante) for a day, in one's own mind, does pass the time, though.
What say you join me in Circle 4 for an eon or two? There's no lack of entertainment to be had.
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