Thursday, February 08, 2007

An Avenue C Night

I'll be sitting in for a friend's jazz show, Avenue C, tomorrow @ WVUD. The show is a two hour bit starting @ 9:00 pm EST.

If you care to tune in on the Internet, here's where you'd begin. The great sets that Galactic played last week @ the TLA are still ringing in my ears, so I'm sure I'll be playing some of their music, along with some new selections from Dr. Lonnie Smith and Jimmy Smith. So, it'll be a heavy-on-the-organ night, always good music for the winter doldrums.


Thanks for the notice!

WV = "gooufdud" = someone who forgets to tune in to your radio broadcast ;-)
It's 9:45 EST and I really want to know who you've got playing right just played Rod Piazza...this might still be him but it could also be Musselwhite (it's definitely harp)...anyway, if you're checking in to your blog, inquiring minds want to know. ;-)
Wrong show...sorry. 8-}
Hey Gwynne!
Yeah,there's a blues show just before thejazz show. Ron, the fellow dj-ing that show, is a white man's blues nut. He was one of the original members of George Thorogood's Destroyers(who were then called the Delaware Destroyers). I think the harmonica player he was playing was Rod's mentor, George Smith.

Hey, Thanks for tuning in.
Yes! That was it...George "Harmonica" Smith.

And hey, thanks for the dedication! In between "rebuffering" breaks (I'm at the mercy of dial-up) I heard my name and that of my "Croatian husband" but then didn't hear who was playing that beautiful song...sounded like it could have been Dr. Lonnie Smith? Anyway, thanks! Nice program!
Sorry for your dial-up. Must have added a musical pause to the moment that the musicians didn't intend. Yes, I sent out a dedication to you including admiring comments to the Cozy Rice pUdding and the Slivovitz parked cheek-to-cheek in the fridge.

I'll be posting the playlist shortly at Morning After
I missed all that?! hrmph. But thanks for thinking of us. I can't imagine what your other listeners must have thought. ;-)
Say, any chance you'd ever podcast your broadcasts? I know you've had a falling out with that little white slab, but they can still come in handy for the odd task or two, particularly for those of us who are on the road when you're on the air.
Great Idea, WP! I'll have to dust off the ol' techno skills and see if I could wing it all together. Luddites out there! Beware.
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