Friday, January 26, 2007

A Theory of Ice

This blog, A Theory of Ice, has been on my weekly chumming list for a while. An excerpt from a recent posting will give you a hint of the unidentified writer's talent.

"Never underestimate Buffalo. The Sabres are, iceberg-like, infinitely more complex than they appear on the surface. If there was any justice in the world and hockey had the audience it deserves there would be lengthy tomes of Sabres-theory all over the bestseller lists, philosophers and anthropologists would be having symposia about them, there would be novels and movies devoted to them. They are that interesting. However, life isn’t fair and hockey doesn’t have much of an audience, and therefore the only really important thing is the conclusion: Never underestimate the Sabres. If you are any other team in the NHL, no matter what kind of a lead you get, always play Buffalo as if you’re one goal down in the last five minutes, because they will punish nothing so rapidly as complacency.

If you love hockey, the purest of the major sports (although folks will argue that hockey is no longer a major sport since it gets outdrawn by "Cheerleaders from Hell" competitions on ESPN), I'm sure you'll aprreciate Mr. Ephemeromorphia's writing and analytical skills.

It certainly doesn't hurt that he's a loyal Canadiennes fan, a team I used to favor until the dark day that they left the Montreal Forum for their new (and current) digs, the Bell Centre. For me, they stopped being the Les Habitants that day and simply another team in skybox land. Nonetheless, this blog is well worth reading for the deep-thinking and fine writing done here. Dare I say the blogger may be hockey's Roger Angell?

A tip of the helmet to Our Girl in Chicago from Arts Journal fame for pointing out A Theory of Ice a while back. Being in Chicago, I've got to believe she's a Blackhawks fan; I would not have expected such kindness to be shown to a Habs fan. Must be her appreciation of the well-turned phrase that led her to this fine gift of charity.


I'll have to check out his site a bit more. As for you used to being a Habs fan, I didn't know people outside North America really followed any NHL at all. Cool link.
I believe that the author of the A Theory of Ice blog is a female.

At least that's what she told me.
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