Thursday, January 04, 2007

Slo' Goin'

It's the 4th of January. No fireworks. I've been a sluggard the last week, reminiscing (still) over the last year's happenings.
Still quite bummed out about how disappointing Borat was. Why dreg up old ghosts? The family watched an older DVD, SCTV Christmas. One of the old bits was a dock-you-men-tary of the Shmenges' Christmas. Traditions of Christmas in Lutonia are carefully explained, all with humour and no mis-treatment of animals (or our good senses).

Couldn't find that particular bit on YouTube, but here's a short Shmenge bit for acquaintance or re-acquaintnace purposes. Or this The Last Polka and subsequent in-depth interview, with David Letterman...a very young David Letterman. Yosh Shmenge lets Dave know that "(Lutonia's) located on the dark side of the Balkans.", thus explaining their situation. This last YouTube clip is especially entertaining to see; just watch Eugene Levy's facial contortions. Mr. Levy's blessed with the most lively eyebrows since Groucho Marx. His talents were so well-used during the days of SCTV. It's almost criminal how little his capabilities are being used now (with the exception of his Christopher Guest movies).

Almost as criminal as what Sasha Baron Cohen did to his creation Borat.

We were awating the new year on Dec. 31st and a short weather announcement came. It was around 9:30 at night and the temperature was 34 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature was predicted to go up to 50 degrees that night. I shook my head and asked some of the other folks if I had mis-heard.
It was 9:30 at night and 34 degrees and the temperature was going up??! Look, not having any snow as of yet (apologies to Colorado and its many feet of the white stuff) was a bummer. But, for temperatures to be increasing as the night got darker? That seemed beyond physical science. Al Gore must be laughing his head off.

So, apologies to my patient readers who seem to be enlivened by the new year. I'll be there with you shortly (including finishing that Tom Waits' Orphans review) shortly. Meanwhile, please, enjoy the Shmenges.

re: The Weather, when my younger daughter and I stepped out the door last week, she took a deep sniff of the air, and said, "Mmmm - it smells like San Diego out here!!" I had to bite my tongue, because what good does it do anyone to snap back at an eight-year-old girl that, in December in the Snow Belt of Central Ontario it's not supposed to smell like San Diego. And if we're going to get SD weather, couldn't we at least get a day or two of SD sunshine, too?!? Feh...

But, yes, the Schmenges are unduly forgotten.
Here I am, a little bit late, to wish you Happy New Year and all the best from Sarajevo.
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