Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blue-Grey Daze

It's Sunday the 28th of Janaury. Can't believe the 1st month of 2007 is almost history. The time, it's not being checked through security for its flight.
Just sitting here at the station doing one of this year's radio shows. It'll be a jazz/blues version today. Weather is that blueish-grey that hopefully means snow. So, that usually means the listening audience is a bit larger. I'll be posting the playlist later this week. Few selections from the Holmes Bros., some Ry Cooder, Janiva Magnes, Louis Armstrong (always great to hear on an overcast day), Michael Carvin, Galactic (who are going to be in Philly this Thursday! Got tix in hand), Shuggie Otis, & Dr. Lonnie Smith. Other folks will be fitted in as well.
As per the usual you can catch it live, from 9:00 to 12:00am EST, here.

Okay, no fair! You must announce before you go on the air. I know, I know, you did pre-announce last time and still I forgot to tune in, but I will next time, I promise! I'm sure it was a good show.
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