Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Accounting Blues (NOT the 802.11 version)

Poor Searchie. As one of her first acts of being a professional writer, she has run into the infamous comb-over humor-challenged void-of-personality accountant. Personally, I count myself quite lucky as most of the accountants that I've met, dealt with professionally, and befriended have been quite interesting, if not downright off the deep end, at times. Most have been women, as Accountancy has been more hospitable and open to that half of humanity than have other professions like engineering, law, and even medicine. Sounds like she just ran into one the unfortunate relics of old-tyme accounting, the socially inept polyester suited guy. Hope she gives it another shot, as there are CPA's out there who are quite interesting people who also happen to know their way around a spreadhseet and a GAAP manual. She just hasn't had the good fortune to meet an accountant who keeps some Kozy Shack Rice Pudding and Slivovitz buddy-buddying in the fridge.

Oh! Now see? Now is when I NEED to be able to comment on Searchie's blog. I do appreciate you bringing my attention to this matter, Darko. OMG, the pinkie ring?! The gold tie chain thing?! The swoop-de-doo hair?!?! Please, for the love of God, Searchie, email me!! I can help you. You don't need that. It sounds like that guy works for the IRS. Accountants are not all bad, some of us are even human and as Darko so kindly notes, off the deep end. ;-)
I can vouch for the off the deep end part.

Oh, alright, and the part about being human too.
Jim, thanks for backing me up, bro. ;-)
hee, Gwynne. I scoped that guy out during the first few minutes of our meeting. Strangely, I still possess discrete pockets of strength, and one of them is an unfailingly accurate BS detector.

For me, his hair was the element that brought down the house of cards. I had a distinct mental image of a cotton candy machine that one finds at the shore, and I had to suffocate an internal laugh as I pictured myself running a cardboard cone around the periphery of his head to catch the stray cotton candy fibers.

Someone like that definitely arouses the subversive element concealed within me :)

I found someone else the next day, and I also connected with a great female banker. She was so excellent and supportive!

All is semi-OK now, but thank you so much for your interest and advice. Now I know where to turn if I have accounting questions, at which I am hopeless, I tell you. I think it's avoidance, actually.
..."running a cardboard cone around the periphery of his head to catch the stray cotton candy fibers."

Perfect imagery. Just perfect. ;-) Nothing says smarmy like swoop-de-doo hair. I'm glad your antennae were up and firing on all cylinders. Egads.

But I'm also glad you found a good banker. She'll serve you better in the start-up phase anyway. All we accountants really know how to do is tell you how you DID. Past tense. And maybe help you save some taxes. I do have other author clients if ever you need advice or want a second opinion. And I only talk about my clients ever so seldom on my blog. And then, only the ones who are a real PITA. ;-)

Darko, sorry to pirate your blog. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. ;-)
Hey, Gwynne, No need for apologies. There's nothing like an emotional CPA to help crack the staid image that accountants are portrayed as.
Oh, did I come across as emotional? Oops.
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