Saturday, December 23, 2006

From the Sublime...

Searchie's post of December 14th is followed by that for the 24th.

A plehtora of hope is being vibed in her general direction. My, what a fantastic journey she's set herself on for the new year. A Gedankenexperiment, if ever there was one.

We, her readers, can't wait to see the results.

Thank you, Darko. I'm very touched. I need all the good vibes I can garner.

A gutsy and adventuresome woman who will no doubt find great success in her latest endeavor. She is the fantastic writer!

And so are you, to bring us such great words as gedankenexperiment. ;-)
Ahhh, searchie. You'll do fine... though I dunno, maybe the fear is a good thing?

Gosh I wish we could leave comments on your blog.

Thanks Darkov for providing a means of interaction ;-)

By the way, was that a manuscript in the lower left portion of your deskshot?
Gwynne and Jim: Thank you for your votes of confidence. I need them for sure.

About comments: Do you know who is the only person ever to make a comment on my blog? Our own DarkoV. I opened my comments especially for him approximately a year (?) ago. His comment was so outstanding that I decided there was no need for any comments ever again :)

What a great adventure awaits you! You can't imagine how I envy you. To travel and write...sigh.

For some reason, I keep getting an image of Jo March in my mind...

Searchie Jo, good luck and best wishes for your new start!
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