Monday, December 18, 2006

Friday Night Tunings

For any folks out there who may happen to be hanging around their pc's/Mac's this coming Friday night (12/22) with wonder in their eyes but no tunes in their ears, I'll be sitting in for a fellow dj @ WVUD, covering for his weekly Jazz show.
So, starting @ 10:00 pm EST, until midnight, you can listen to Avenue C via this online connection, (91.3 WVUD). I'll be doing some late Friday night blues & jazz selections and a modicum of Christmas Jazz. Just enough to be seasonal without getting treackley. The patter is at a minimum; music is at the maximum. Any suggestions for selections for this Friday, please note in your comments and I'll try to honor them if the music is available. Due to the show's format, please note that the selections should be in the blues or jazz classification.

My regular early Sunday shifts re-start on January 7th of '07. Hopefully, some new cd additions will have been added to the bottomless bag by then.


Cool! See, I knew there was some musical expertise in that bag of tricks you carry around.

...the selections should be in the blues or jazz classification.

So I guess no Keb' Mo' then. :-(

How's about some Rory Block? Or Queen Ida? Don't know if either of these fine women has a Christmas song up their sleeve, but if they do, all the better.
I'll hold off on suggestions, since you're more than capable of putting together an excellent playlist. But I do have a question for you: what do you make of Marah's Christmas CD?
Gwynne, I will, as they say, take the suggestions under advisement. I will definitley be checking the radio station's collection as I have nothing of either in my own accumulation.

WP, Marah's Christmas CD? Well, I really like the pictures. The sounds? Well, it sounds like they had a great time recording this cd. It must have been a party fueled by high octane sugared foods and lots of holiday cheer, the 180 proof kind. There are some good songs, Christmas with the Snow being my favorite. But, IMHO, the cd's not worth the $13 or $18 that I've seen it selling for. It's too inconsistent and seem's too much of an inside joke for a regular listener, even a Marah fan.
Maybe not jazz, but I love JT's 2006 Christmas CD.

Especially, his holiday rendition of "River"
But, hey, you COULD use his duet with Natalie Cole, "Baby, It's Cold Outside". Very jazzy!
Neither are in your personal collection? What?!? *choke* Well, Queen Ida is out unless you include zydeco under the blues/jazz umbrella (which I do). But Rory is a must in every blues collection. Is this a case of not liking her? She doesn't get a lot of airplay but she's a hardworking woman worth the price of admission if you get a chance to see her perform live. She plays in the northeast every winter. An old song, "Gypsie Boy," has a great blues harp solo by Stevie Wonder that will make you cry. And Rory is pretty good too. ;-)
Thanks for the tip. I too tire of holiday treacle, musically and otherwise.
I've tried to like Rory Block; she seems so earnestly bluesy. And Rory is, like, the best name for a guy or a girl! I tried naming both of my kids "Rory" but couldn't pass the gatekeeper also known as the bearer of both children. (And she was right to stop me. Believe me when I tell you that "Rory" would not match well with our last name at all) But, I just can't liten to her for more than a song or two; an error in my character, I presume.

Chris Smithers and Kelly Joe Phelps fall into that same camp. The latter especially is an aural pain for me.
I've tried to like Rory Block

I will pray for you.

Okay, seriously. Rory has grown on my over the years. So I say she's an acquired taste. That, and I'm a sucker for sappy, ballad writin' folksy-bluesy artists. So it's me, not you, that needs the praying. ;-)
Actually, Rory has grown on me, not my [anything]. Sorry.
Please take this song under advisement:

"Yesterdays" by Charlie Musslewhite, off of Ace of Harps (this song played on my first date with my husband and we've been together ever since...we blame Charlie). ;-)
You got it! (And luckily I have it too.) I'll be integrating it into the show. Great loooooong drippy song! I won't be pushing you for details.
I tuned in for about the last hour of the show (just in time to hear Billie Holliday singing God Bless the Child...ahhh :-), so if you played "Yesterdays" in the first hour, I sadly missed it. But what I heard was a fantastic program! I especially liked "Snow" and a number of your other Christmas selections...good choices all, and I'm just glad the Chipmunks didn't continue on for long. In fact, it provided the perfect backdrop for (finally) sitting down to write my Christmas letter). ;-)
Well, thanks for tuning in. Yes, "Yesterdays" was one of the first songs that I did. I'll be posting the playlist later this weekend of the entire show, if you're interested.
Dang! I knew I should have finished my Christmas shopping earlier. Ah, well, I'm sure others enjoyed Yesterdays and who knows, maybe you're responsible for another case of the nuptials. ;-) Thanks for playing it!

I'd like to see the playlist. I didn't write anything down but there were a few I'd like to get my hands on. I'm playing the Lady in Autumn as we speak...I love (no, I ADORE) that collection.
Hey Gwynne,
If you go here, you'll see the playlist for Dec. 22's show.
Great site I had not seen before...has it been there all this time? My, what a diverse playlist you have! Jimmy and Lonnie Smith were the names I was seeking. Thanks!

I see I missed Liz Story also. Ah well, I'll try to tune in on the 7th.

Here in KC, we have The Fish Fry every Friday and Saturday night. Check it out. It's also a great blues/jazz show, a little heavier on the blues and zydeco than the jazz.
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