Friday, December 22, 2006

Deskription *

(* Word concocted from Jim, who also proposed this self-imolating exercise). Whisky Prajer posted his as did Cowtown Pattie. Gwynne cleaned her desk up before the photo shoot. (Come on, Gwynne, admit it!!).

I do admit shoving some paper over to the side so that you can see there is a desk underneath the deluge. What amazed me about all of the pictures posted by the group is how small our desks are, covered in detritus (ooops, that would be works-in-progress) or not.

Personally, my most favorite ever desk goes back to the college days when a stack of cinder blocks surreptitiously borrowed from a construction site one night and a cheap laminated louan interior door stacked on top of the carefully balanced cinder blocks made for a desk seemingly stretching from Bangor, Maine to San Diego, CA. Even with all my books, papers, and food items, I was ever abel to fully cover that desk. I could never replicate the sound produced when I was at the wheel of my Gigantor electric Olympic typewriter and I was at full steam typing late night papers. The whir of the motor reverberated through the hollow doordesk, vibrating words within the confines of the thin wood. I imagined that if I drilled a hole in that doordesk after my college days were done, finely sanded complete sentences would come pouring out.

(Note: Click on picture for a larger view of the gory details.)

That is a stellar workspace! Thanks for the large picture with enough resolution for a true self immolation to occur. So much to explore!

But the piece de resistance is the boomerang. Love it!
Is that a boomerang? I was going to ask if it's a hockey stick.

Agree it's a cool workspace. Very cozy up on the top floor (it looks very warm and inviting, unlike my home "office" which is in the basement and never ever used).

I did not move a thing before taking those pictures, but I will admit to being an obsessive-compulsive neat freak (and since they weren't taken specifically for this cause, they are not all inclusive...there is detritus, trust me). ;-)
Looks really neat and cosy... Also: high up.
Lots of music CDs around, am I right?
I find it surprisingly surprising how much I enjoy seeing the physical spaces of the people who I feel I know but with whom I may never actually share any physical space. Did that make sense? What I meant was, "Seeing your desk is cool".

I just documented my desk today, too, and felt it was one of the most self-revelatory posts I've ever done. Like, "here's my Scotch tape dispenser, now I feel naked".
Jim is correct. A boomerang it is. Haven't hit anyone in the noggin yet..but there are always other opportunities. There are a couple of hundred cd's up here with me, Alcessa, but the majority are downstairs, so that I am forced to actually leave my 3rd floor perch on occasion to go downstairs and see how the family's doing.

A buumer, though. Here's it is December 23rd and a peek out the window shows no snow. In fact, it's raining in the bucket-load mode. If only it were 15 degrees colder.

Ah, if only Snow.
I like the hat -- tres chic!
Nice details to be sure - now somebody needs to take a picture of me with my nose inches from the computer monitor as I try to make out the titles of the books.
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