Saturday, December 02, 2006

CD's of Random Kindness

If it's happened to you, I'll confess it might have been me. It was all intended, verily I say onto you, with good intentions.
If, in the unlikely circumstance, that I came upon a cd in my collection that just didn't do it for me anymore I would put it into a Pile of Regret.
If it stayed in the aforementioned Pile for over a month, I disposed of it...sort of.
If, for some unfathomable reason, the radio station did not have a copy of the cd, I'd simply leave the cd there.
if the station had that cd, I'd resort to the act of a CD of Random Kindness.

Nothing kinky here. No staying around or hiding in the background, peeking through windows or around rows of parked automobiles or even peering from behind an available tree. No hiding in my car, with the driver's seat tilted back to the cool driver angle.
Nope, none of that. I'd simply take the cd to a parking lot. A quick 360 look would be taken to make sure no one was watching. I'd pick a car at random.
Well, o.k., not absolutely at random. I eliminated all SUV's and pickup trucks unless the latter actually looked as if its owner used it for work rather than merely tooling around with a faker cowboy hat; if the truck bed looked scratched and muddy, it was a valid candidate.

Then, I would simply walk up to the car, lift up the windshield wiper, and slip the cd under it. I prefer the driver's side, so it's noticed when the driver prepares to drive off. Sometimes, I'd leave a note.
Stupid stuff or seasonal. Hey, it is Christmas!

"Random Musical Act of Kindness"
"Track #2! I think it's really you."
"Tooth fairy for adults. Yes, I am on the job."
"I've been watching and you've been very very good."
"God thinks this cd is kick-ass!"

I wouldn't stick around for the reaction; that would suggest I had a personal agenda or a quirk of many colors. None whatsoever! Simply looking for a good home for a cd in need of some love and attention.

And, I guess, how often is a gift truly given without any strings?

Careful, now. I may be driving in your neck of the woods. Any musical preferences?

post scriptum:
I'd tried this dole out with books. By pure chance, as I had windshield wipered one, the driver came to his car shortly afterwards. He looked around, ripped the book out, and, multi-tasking guy that he seemed to be, cursed and heaved the book, as if it were diseased.
It was not a book I'd labored long to part with.
But, it was a book. I felt the author's bumps and bruises as the book bounced around the parking lot.
A Beemer, driving fast, then, unintentionally I'm sure, ran over the poor author's work. Ouch !!
I ceased and desisited with printed matter as of that point. CD's seemed an easier option. No pressure on the recepient to read or even peruse the item. A simple thrust into the car's cd-player and the gifted was in receipt.


Your CD Random Kindnesses sound a lot like this. I think it's a great idea! By simply placing the CD's (or books) in a public place, people may feel less "targeted" and more inclined to pick it up (as opposed to turning it into roadkill). Personally, I'd be a little concerned if I found anything on my car with a note that said "I've been watching you." ;-)
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