Friday, November 03, 2006

Thirty Days

I’m still not sure how this blogging thing is supposed to work. Well, at least how it’s supposed to work for me. Is it quantity? Is it quality? Or, is it a continually moving edge between the two?

Mr. Sgazzetti started his November with a link to a Fussy kind of guy. In addition to posting an entry for All Saints Day, Isoglossia has committed himself to 29 more days of daily posting. Why? Fussy proposes November as National Blog Writing Month (NaBloWriMo), that’s why. I've never approached the consistent level of daily output for a month. There’d be 2-3 days of posting and then....bleeehhh. Whether it was laziness, other daily needs pulling me elsewhere, or a funk brought on by reading some truly sub-standard postings of mine, I'm not sure. So, this is an experiment to see if that theory of 21 Days of Repetition makes Habit is true. Let's see. How does that mnemonic go again?

30 days hath November.
21 days maketh a habit.
30 less 21 doth equal 9 days.
9 days extra doth maketh my Habit setteth in stone.

(I always thought that the "hath"s, "doth"s, and "maketh"s in older versions of English had to do with the poor quality of dental care at the time. "S"s at the end of words simply were spitteth out as "th"s. But I’ll leave the burden of proof to someone else; I’ll enjoy my cracked version of history myself.)

I’ll try to keep my perspective on things. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with that, but I won’t be going the route of this industrious fellow. I guess naming your blog after this theory is a daily kick-in-the-pants to make you post.

Hey! Day #3 is done.

So you're doing it too, eh? I am not because it really wouldn't be a challenge for me. Not posting every day would be a challenge.

Would it be helpful for someone - say, me, to pick a person at random - to offer a completely subjective grade on your posts each day? I mean, as regards the quality/quantity thing. I'm just trying to be helpful of course.
As to the way blogging is supposed to work, I think it should primarily just work for the blogger herself. Let us just all be happy we do not have to earn our money by publishing our thoughts on the net and let us just write whatever suits our fancy. More or less, of course. I mean there are masses of people out there and there will always be someone who likes something we wrote/published.

I have to admit I've been adhering to the "Post a Day Keeps the Doctor Away" idea, too. But I don't know whether I can make it last... I'll be dropping by to see how you're doing, Darko :-)
Dropping by to see how I'm doing!?

Yipes, it'll be a gallon of Maalox for me to get through November.

However, comments are always welcome eve if they refer to the Law of Diminishing Quality, as associated with over-eager blog posting. Don't be surprised if I simply post my blood pressure and heart rate on some days.

As always, thanks for dew-dropping in.
To be perfectly honest, I wasn't really thinking when I signed on to post every day for the month of November. But once I realized I was committed I figured 'why not?' I thought I could use a little rigor -- I'd been getting much too lazy and the spontaneity of posting was all but gone. I need to vary my routine a bit, and this seems like a good means to that end. So far, anyway, I'm enjoying the sensation of a little external pressure.

Mr. Sgazzetti,
I tend to work better under pressure. Key word there being work. I viewed blogging as strictly a leisure activity, so I'll be interested to see what the 30 day sign-up does to my attitooode about the leisure side of things. I'll do the 30. Easy. But, will I be a happy blogger about it? We shall see. I'm hoping the 30 days creates a consistent habit while not degrading the output.

A toast to our 30 days!
The way I was taught - which should be construed more likely myth than fact - was that the use of Thee's and Thou's and Hath's and their ilk was an indicator that what was written, or spoken, had been translated from Latin, or Greek, or somesuch classical source. Except, of course, in rural Yorkshire, where people do use those terms in everyday language.

More likely to my mind is that it is yet another affectation of the upper classes, who have been disposed, historically, to such tricks as cultivating speech impediments - "Fwee Wodgah the Wapist, type of thing.
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