Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some Changes

I don't know about any of you folks but I think Blogger is on an active campaign to change its users over to the New and Improved Beta version. My blog has crashed a few times in the past week and when I've been posting entries it's taken forever to have Blogger accept them. So, I've reluctantly gone to the beta Blogger version. Things seem to be a bit more spiffy, as Whisky Prajer pointed out when he switched. But that one nasty thing is a pain. I can post comments on folks who blog using other programs or who are on the beta Blogger; I can't post comments on folks who are on the older version of Blogger (Sorry Gwynne! I posted the most hilarious comment today and it's gone....somewhere. Well, I thought it was hilarious, maybe your version of Blogger thought otherwise and simply trashed the comment as not meeting a certain standard of civility and hilarity). They say they're working on it!?!? So, until I come up with an alternate plan of commenting, please accept my apologies all those folks still on the non-beta Blogger version.

The post below, a paean to Whisky Prajer's book release was my 500th post. How fitting that the magic number involved such a fine gentleman and his accomplishments. Paraphrasing the old Philadelphia voting philosophy, "Buy early and often." Christmas time is coming; what better gift to give than a book by someone you the blog sense of the word.

Finally, if anyone reading this blog has problems, now that I've beta-ized myself, please let me know. I'm wondering if I'll be abel to reverse the process.

My Blogger says I have to be invited to join the small group of people who may usa Beta. The invitation will appear in form of a button to click on. Well, I haven't been invited yet. Maybe the word has spread that I've been dreaming of Pressing my Words into thematic categories...
But why shoudn't you be able to comment on Alpha-Blogs I wonder? Ms. Retailtherapist has the Beta and can talk to us Alphas, too.
I was blind and now I can see. Blogger did fix that comment posting problem. So the betas can now talk to the alphas. The omegas? Those folks, I'm not sure of?
About that invitation? I switched because I was having stability problems and becasue each time I opened Blogger to post, I was getting harangued about the Beauty of Beta. I wouldn't call a harangue an invitation. I didn't see anything in beta that would allow me to send invitations. I think you just invite yourself.
Darko: just in case it may interest somenone: my Blogger Help says they themselves choose blogs eligible for The switch. If you are considered eligible, you will find the button that tells you to do it. I don't have such a button. I can only create a new blog in BetaBlogger which I may do at some time in the future...
A bummer! I wonder if the Blogger that's "operating" in Germany has different priority settings? Each time I've opened Blogger in the last 10-14 days, it feels like Blogger was giving me the bum's rush, threatening eviction from my happy alpha home, treating it like some Soviet era apt complex.

If I had an invitation to send you for Beta, I would!
Apparently, I am not eligible to be of the Beta, but I too have had difficulties posting my most humorous comments to your blog this week. Sometimes it takes them and sometimes it don't. Sometimes it sends me into a do loop of conniptions (did I spell that right? ah, well, it's no wonder I have not yet received the haranguing). It's hard being an Alpha.
I, too, received an "invitation" to upgrade, which I am studiously ignoring as I am highly suspicious of most invitations -- ptui. Said "invitation" also grows larger and more intrusive as time goes by. I'm waiting for them to erect a billboard outside my office window as my vaunted resistance mounts.

"Resistance is futile!"
~ Blogger

~ Searchie
"Beta" has been working out its bugs, slowly but surely. The easiest way to post on "Alpha" - well ... both A&B blogs really - is to log in to your blog, hit the "view blog" button, then go through your daily links and post commentary.

Say, about that #500: I went ahead and sent you the spam you requested - and it bounced back!! Whaaaa...?!
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