Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pick up Time

Time was dictated by the meter. Or, rather by my feeding of the meter. A one hour max on the street meters meant an hour spent at a corner Starbucks. Rent there for a chair, a table, and window view onto Forbes Avenue consisted of a Vente Some Caffeine Thing and a coffee cake requiring heavy chiseling to separate the cake from the marbleized cap of a topping.
Another hour feeding of the meter was spent two blocks away at the ground floor gray-toned cafeteria of the Carnegie Museum of Art. More libations here, but this time some healthy green tea concoction loaded with honey. Ah, honey, the nectar of any bear preparing himself for hibernation. We've gone to this museum a few times before and enjoyed it immensely. The museum is especially easy to lose oneself in and lose track of time. With my time handcuffed by the meter, I opted to sip and read.
A third hour was spent gnoshing a lunch at Pamela's, also on Forbes Avenue in the Squirrel Hill section of town. Pamela's is home of a breakfast special christened the "Big Lincoln", an early morning choice guaranteed to torpedo any plan you had toward eating in moderation.

Why all the meter hopscotching? A day trip westward to Pittsburgh and back eastward. It's Thanksgiving Break at the daughter's university so I was more than happy to go pick her up. A vacation day from work. Five hours of uninterrupted time with her. A great way to begin the first of many days of celebration as we enter that time of the year, Holiday Alley.

Apologies for a short entry. These 10 hour drives are hard on the creative juices.

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Wow, I'd forgotten that today is the kick-off of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for reminding me. Aside from the travel hassles associated with today and the upcoming Sunday, it's always been a favorite holiday of mine -- no commercial crap, no church-related obligations, no patriotic bullshit, just all the family togetherness you can stomach.

Oh, and pie. Lots and lots of pie.

By the way, meant to comment RE: Thanksgiving back when you posted the menu. Wish I could crash your party.
I'm trying to visit as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can and I thought I'd say hi, I liked your blog.. :) Have a great Thanksgiving! ;)
Lots and lots of pie. Yes, that is the key. My mouth even now waters for an apple pie of years ago in Croatia. The apples there (and I'm sure in Slovenia as well) were tart enougg to elicit smiles and when they were put to rest in a wrapping of flour and egg, a divine transformation took place.

Snoskred, thanks for dropping by on your long journey through NaBloPoMoLand.
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