Monday, November 27, 2006

Impending Niceness

An apology is immediate. An entry is pending. Re-reading the last two posts have only resulted in a wee bit of embarassment on my part. The tone on both was certainly not indicative of all of the pleasantries that have taken place over the last 5 days. Effective humour does not usually leave a bad taste in one's mouth; sarcasm, while barbed, does not usually leave everything coated in bile. While I won't go back and do a window-dressing on the last two entries, I will stop by here sometime today to (hopefully) add sunlight to what were dark descriptions of the holiday just passed.

Must have been all that butter damming up the reserves of human kindness somewhere in the outer extremities.

I not seeing any of what you are embarrassed about, but I think I understand the feeling as I have found myself in the same position with things I have written.
Ther must be something about eating/drinking more than usually that awakens "darkness" in people (though I wouldn't say you've overdone anything in your posts and pleasure is sometimes better lived than described)...
Neither was I taken aback by any excessive "darkness." I've enjoyed the bits of sarcasm. But maybe that's just my dark nature "shining" through. ;-)
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