Tuesday, November 14, 2006

He's Watching and Writing

Mr. Sgazzetti over at Isoglossia has a particularly uproarious entry today. Get on over there!
He has a List of Grievances regarding a certain person he had the misfortune to be sequestered in class with while in college. As with most of the bits he writes, Mr. Sgazzetti's misfortunes are turned to riches. A blogging alchemy, I think.

Two choice bits from the List of Grievances:

"(She unloaded on us) flamboyant sneezing, with relish; looking pointedly about for acknowledgment of achievement in form of highly unlikely wishes for her health or blessing "

"(Among her other crimes she was guilty of)exceeding classroom luggage allowance "

Perhaps I should not be surprised by your choice of entries from the extensive list of grievances, but the sneezing was also at the top of my personal favorites.
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