Monday, November 06, 2006

A Dusting

Our brick house, wolf huff-n-puff impenetrable, holds in floating motes of age, skin flakes, and dust piles of previous owners and tenants. Our weekly dust bunny rustling clogs up our vacuum cleaners. We conveniently and silently blamed the children for the high level of minute flotsam and jetsam that we collected and heaved each week. After they went off to college, our excuses held no purchase. It was just the age of the house and the accumulation of all of its residents that combined to create matter from energy. All the dreams, curses, lost causes, and happy moments that have been running through the house since the last brick was set back in 1915 have simply transformed themselves into the tangibility of dust. If you stare at the points where the wooden floors meet the floor trim long enough, I swear you can see puffs of age seeping through the cracks. On a particularly bright day, you'll catch the sunshine streaming in and dispersing off of the eternally floating miniscule planetoids revolving through each room. A separate solar system of airborne dust rotates in each room. The ghost of Sisyphus sits on his boulder in one corner of the living room. Yes, even he’s given up the eternal cleaning act and settled in for a sitting of long duration.

This all comes up as Thanksgiving, the unstoppable force of all food holidays, is just visible over the 3 week horizon. We will be truly blessed with a full house this year. Friends, family, and an exuberance of tastes will all come together. Though a turkey, as represented by 1 or 2 massive turkey breasts, will be there, it is chicken, finished in the fried hand-breaded mode that will take center stage. Chicken,that's the mantra the kids repeat when we have our weekly chats about the upcoming roostin-at-home. Some of the turkey will be eaten that Thursday, but it is the remains of the day that my mouth waters for. Last year, Whisky Prajer’s post-T’giving recipe for Turkey chili was first attempted. It was fabulous. Like the fish meal that doesn’t taste like fish, this chili recipe doesn’t taste like turkey. Great with crusty bread, a micro-brew, and feet-propped-up-on-a-table. (hint to Mr. WP: a link to that recipe. You had it on your old Daddy-O and now….it’s lost. I’ll dig through my printouts; I’m hoping there isn’t a lot of that turkey chili spilled on the paper to render it illegible).

So, I’ll be interviewing prospective chickens at the local farm to see if they are worthy of being fried for the family. And I hope our guests won’t mind the aged dust of our house as it settles and floats; just consider it as a special seasoning. One from the ages.

We from the home of Chazzy G and the domestic goddess, consider it one of our very favorite spices!
I was figuring on posting said recipe closer to (your) Thanksgiving. But I guess that day is almost upon us ... I mean, you.
WP, I have, with tear-stained fingers, pored through what I had thought was my printed out and saved recipes book and found it bereft of the Thanksgiving Turkey Chili recipe. If you would be so kind, between The Corrections, as to re-post that sacred recipe, I would be most appreciative.
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