Thursday, October 26, 2006


The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library, courtesy of Alien Productions comes to you here via a link from The World of Yaklich, whose site came to my attention via the always attentive Alcessa.

Whew. Everybody got credited and I've fed the ever-hungry machine of blogging.
An original entry is coming shortly so please keep on checking back.


P.S. my favorite Bunny Theatre production, all 30 second or less versions of major movies, was their version of Christmas Story. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You'll shoot your eye out.

Fantastic! I'd seen the Bunny Theatre before but not A Christmas Story, one of my favorite movies, priceless! :-)
Funny that my blogname should appear in a non-original post of yours - I think I'll claim psycho-damage Done To My Bleeding Heart. You know the healing method, don't you.

(BTW: I loved Superman, it made me laugh outloud...)
Alcessa, a moose call in your general direction as an apology!

The title of Un-original applies solely to my blogging post, not to yours. It's your linking that allowed me to post anything that day. So, please excuse my unintended slight; the barbs will fully intended for myself.

And thanks again for the link to The World of Yaklich, an interesting fellow living in that third person world of interpretation.
Darko, don't worry, (though I admit I find a moose call really nice): I don't feel slighted at all! I just want your money is all.

Now, I tried some commenting at Yaxlich's blog and it was great fun! I really love writing in 3rd person, it's great.
Yaxlich says hello to DarkoV and that he is glad that DarkoV found the bunnies funny. He likes the bunnies a lot.
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