Friday, October 13, 2006

Thickness of Paint

This YouTube was provided from a

familiar blog reader who also has some Croatian blood in him. If you view the entire presentation, you can conclude:
1) They use some really, really thick field paint in Croatia (notice the little jump of the ball on the slo-mo).
2) Drinking rakija before a football game is not a smart thing to do unless, of course, you are Croatian and it is considered of medicinal purpose.
3) The influential powers of Borat extend beyond the billboard.

Thanks to Delawhere for the clip.

On a more encouraging note, Mr. Sgazzetti over @ Isoglosia has been, to quote Karolyn Slowsky, On Fire! His latest post regarding the further adventures of his unbelievably photogenic son is here. Mr. Sgazzetti's pics are always a pleasure to feast on, over and over again. And his clever banter is self-deprecating (my favorite category of boasting) and, yet, remarkably innocent. Another post follows, in the same theme.

Well, that cheered up an otherwise dismal day.
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