Thursday, October 19, 2006

Drive Home Reviews

It's a relaxing drive back home from work. Most folks are driving south to their homes in Lower Delaware. I, in turn, am driving north to Upper Delaware where most of these folks work. Minimal traffic going in my direction on most days. Sometimes it takes an hour; most times just 40-45 minutes. I tend to be listening to ATC on one of the local NPR affiliates. WSDL, broadcating from Salisbury, MD until I reach the canal, where the signal weakens and I unofficially enter the metropolitan area and so, a switch to WHYY out of Philly. Most times, I'll listen to the grimness of the day. But, on days when things were not perky at the office, downer news on the way home (yeah, yeah, I know. I should be informed), I put in a cd for some relief.

The other day, while listening and thinking...and driving, I came up with a new addition to this blog, which will hopefully be a regular feature. Confined within the stereo room that is my car, with no phones, no doors opening or closing, no kids screaming, and no spousal requests being filed, this would be the best room for me to concoct album reviews.

So, here I'll have Drive Home Reviews. I am not a shill of the recording industry, so I won;t be propounding the propoganda they provide when doling out freebies. I won't hold back praise or adoration, as the recordings tear up my life in that short drive home. I will scathe and possibly go over the deep end at times, as well, especially if I find that the hour's time has been wasted by overproduction of minor talent. The first one will be targeted for a Friday posting. Your rigorous comments will be most welcomed. Even eggs can be thrown in my general direction.
The windows are up; the volume's up as well.


Looking forward to it...from your other recent posts, it looks like an eclectic mix. Pat Metheny and Bill Frisell are outstanding...Metheny is a hometown favorite whom I've seen several times. I'm sure your reviews will prove interesting.
I'm curious, too. Especially since you music favourites are ..."all Greek to me" :-)

But tell me: did you make the photo yourself?! In your car?! Driving at such speed!?!

(do forgive me, I've just obtained my driver's licence again)
Rock on, my dude!

Open for cd suggestions?
CP, Suggestions may certainly open me up. Who knows, your suggestions may already be in my pile of "2 hears"?

Alcessa, no that's not me driving as I'm clicking away on a camera. If it was me, the next picture wwould show me pulled over at the side of the road as I was collecting a ticket from the write-happy state trooper.

Gwynne, there are not too many musicians that I've followed from my teens until now and whom I still enjoy immensely. Metheny is one. L. Wainwright III is another. And I think Neil Young is #3. Coltrane, Davis, G. Green, Duke, Ella, & Louis don;t count since they are, quite unfortunately, not producing any new work.
Let's if I was in my mid-20's when I started listening to Pat Metheny and you were in your teens, then I might be older than I thought I was. Or I was just late in discovering him. I don't recognize G. Green...please enlighten me. And surely you can't put Wainwright in the same class with Metheny...with Jim Stafford maybe (oh, I know I'm in trouble now). ;-)
Gg. Green would be jazz guitarist extraordinarie Grant Green.

Loudon Wainwright III compared to Jim Stafford?

Oh, Oh.. Gwynne.

To me at least, that's like
Franklin Roosevelt being compared to George Dubya Bush. FDR's spinning in his grave at just those words.

Wainwright was a young punky middle-class kid who has truly evolved into an amazing humnan being. And all along the way he's written songs evoking a laugh, a tear, and a range of insights. Have you listened to History? A gem.
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Oh, alright, I will confess to limiting my comparison of Wainwright and Stafford to "Dead Skunk" and "Spiders and Snakes." Wainwright is more like Arlo Guthrie or Bob Dylan (and I realize those comparisons are also probably a little unfair). I've not listened to History...until now and it does strike me as having gem-like qualities.

Carry on. ;-)
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