Monday, September 25, 2006

Wear Ya Frum?

You remember those WW II movies where a Yank is seperated from a Yank-wanna-be via the Big Question? It usually concerned someone or something in baseball, like say, " What was the name of the manager who mailed a blank check to the League office each spring to cover the fines he'd pile up for getting ejected from games in the coming season?"

Since baseball is not the sport most Amerticans are embrolied with these days, perhaps a different wheat-from-chaff seperator is necessary.

Well, try your hand at this quiz. What part of the country are you from? Luckily this test didn;t have life-and-death consequences. My score was such that I would have been shot halfway through the quiz. A paltry 50% score. I should've just guessed with each choice. How'd you do?

Oh, yeah. That baseball question? None other than Jimmy Dykes.

That was hahd. The snippets were too short for my ear - were they a little longer, perhaps I'd have done better.
Your comments hate me - I always have to write them twice.

Anyway, ahem...

The sample could have been a bit longer, given the ear more time to adapt and discriminate. I'd have gotten more of them if they had.
I guess I could probably use the fact that I'm Canadian of British extraction to rationalize my ineptitude in completing this quiz. I only got one right.

Canadians are always going on about how little Americans know about our country. Well, the shoe is now on the other foot.
50% for me, too.
FCB, Sir, the commenting slip-up is my fault, not yours. Although, I always love when you comment, so if you leave a couple or few per entry, I, for one, would not complain.

Colin & CP, I think the thing that really threw me was the almost total lack of accent on the speakers. I didn't realize until 3/4 of the way through (goes to show you the breadth of my listening skills) and didn't want to bother with re-taking the "test".
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