Thursday, September 28, 2006

Useless Inventing

Borat's slingshot swimming pouch was a picture I'd hoped to erase from whatever part of my brain it's taken up permanent residence. I was hoping for a more appealling replacement. Now comes this from Michael at Glory of Carniola. Hard to erase this. It was bad enough (and hilarious) when Seinfeld tackled the delicate issue of Man Bras (manssieres?). But that was comedy. This is...well, this is embarassing.

Oh, how the might have fallen.
I remember the days when Croatians were famous (and not just to themselves) for inventing useful things like automatic pencils, light bulbs, the torpedo and the airship.

Now, the nationality is tied to a piece of clothing Baldrick (of Black Adder fame) used to wear. A posing pouch. (I'll let you google at your own pace). What has independence done for the fame of Croatia? Nicola Tesla is spinning in his grave.

In my part of Slovenija, we call the fountain pen "penkalo" - now I know why. Thank you!
..and did you know that those fabulous Maglites were also invented by a Croatian.

I once was blind, but now can see!
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